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UpTown Executive Director

John Irwin


UpTown Executive Board


President:  James Harter,


Vice President:  Linda Bowyer,


Treasurer:  Marty Lahey,


Secretary:  Glen Blohm,



UpTown Board

Jacqueline Barnes

Karin Giffin

Anthony Goodwin

Paul Hollenbeck

Heather Judge

Bradley Krzyston

Doug Mead

Doni Miller

Dan Rogers

Brandon Segura

Doug Shelton (Emeritus)

Amy Wachob

Daniel Woodcock




The Uptown Association fosters collaboration, community, and economic development in the neighborhood.




The Uptown Association is a regional model for economic development and neighborhood revitalization.




The Uptown Association fosters a diverse, connected, and collaborative community through open and active leadership, communication, promotion, and support.



Economic Development


Goal Statement: The Economic Development Committee is dedicated to driving and maintaining businesses in the district, assisting in acquisition of property and its development, monitoring types of investment  and residential experiences available, and building neighborhood image.


Committee Chair: 

James Harter,

Fundraising & Finance


Goal Statement: The Fundraising & Finance Committee is dedicated to monitoring the fiscal health of the Uptown Association, setting goals and strategy for maintaining and increasing organizational funding, working with the Economic Development Committee to set strategy for investment, and executing fundraisers.


Community Building Committee 


Goal Statement: The Community Building Committee is dedicated to offering enriching experiences and networking/community building experiences (i.e. programs) for all residents; maintaining the aesthetic appeal and beautification efforts of the district; working with various constituents regarding the well-being, health, and physical safety of Uptown residents as well as visitors; and providing information, access to resources, and support for current and prospective neighborhood residents, as well as area leaders.




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