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UpTown Association

Executive Director

Job Description

Updated:  May 2018


The Executive Director (ED) performs a variety of administrative, technical and professional work in preparation and implementation of economic and community development plans, programs and services as set forth by the UpTown Association Board of Trustees.  This person holding this 30-40 hour/week position is responsible for working closely with the Board of Trustees and other community organizations in promoting the business and economic development interests within the UpTown neighborhood. This position includes providing guidance to individuals and companies to establish, relocate, or expand their businesses in the community. Additionally, the ED assists in the planning and coordination of community development projects, fundraising and grant development. The ED is the spokesperson of the Association regarding public relations and shall always put the Board’ directives first.




UpTown Board

  • Serves as staff to Board of Trustees.  Responsible for Board meeting notices, agendas and minutes.  Coordinates activity of UpTown committees. Works closely with the Board to set and evaluate goals, policies, strategies and programs.  Creates and implements organizational plans.


Economic Development in UpTown District

  • Engage new businesses to relocate or expand their operations to the District and facilitate the process (i.e. permitting, zoning, working with communities, connections to state and local tax credits and funding, etc).

  • Work with and enhance associations and collaborations within and outside the District

  • Seeks opportunities for developers to invest in commercial development, artists, entertainment, live/work space, and other key developments.


Resource development and fundraising

  • Work with the Board members to set and execute an effective annual funding plan and develop a diverse funding base.

    • Includes writing grants, develop and maintain effective donor campaigns, and execute fundraising events.

  • Work to maintain stability and sustainability of the association.

  • Ensures the District’s compliance with grant reporting procedures, sound accounting practices, safety regulations, audit requirements, and licensing criteria.


Public Relations

  • Acts as principal spokesperson and advocate for the District. 

  • Communicate with government agency leaders, funders, stakeholders, and the public regarding program needs and the benefits UpTown Association can provide to municipalities and other stakeholders.

  • Work to implement the branding and marketing campaign developed for the UpTown District.

  • Work in partnership with other key organizations to ensure the success of the area.

  • Proven experience in representing an organization to the media and public, including public speaking, marketing, website and social media management.  


Administration of organization and personnel

  • Profit and Loss, financial statement responsibility.  Responsible for maintaining an accounting system in accordance with Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles (GAAP), the preparation of financial statements on a timely basis and the successful scheduling and supervision of required audits

  • Work with the Board of Trustees to ensure the mandate and mission of the organization is fulfilled.

  • Work with the Board of Trustees and Board Committees to oversee implementation of policies of the organization and monitor compliance with non-profit requirements.

  • Develop annual budget and track expenses accordingly in cooperation with the Treasurer and the Finance Committee of the Board.



  • Bachelor's degree in business, nonprofit management, urban studies or related field from an accredited College or University. Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Urban Planning or related field a plus.

  • Proven experience in representing an organization to the media and public, including public speaking and marketing.   

  • Understanding of nonprofit financial statements.  Working knowledge of Quickbooks is a plus. 

  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and decisive decision making

  • High level of personal and professional ethics

  • Excellent written, oral communication and listening skills

  • Ability to delegate tasks





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