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Experience Revival!
Uptown Association's 30th Birthday Party, Tours & Celebration 

Friday, September 16th 6:00pm to 12:00pm

Adam's Street Hotspot Tours: 7pm @ the Attic 

$5 Wristbands for Entry and Appetizers


UpTown is Toledo’s coolest neighborhood.  Celebrating the arts, nightlife, and building a creative community between Downtown’s business district and the historic Old West End, UpTown boasts some of the most exciting and original happenings in the city. 

Join the UpTown Association on Friday, September 16, 6pm - midnight, and celebrate 30 years of neighborhood revitalization and development. Explore the places and spaces that make this neighborhood fun, unique, and exciting. Home to the area’s only alt-weekly newspaper, Toledo City Paper, and to Toledo School for the Arts - voted Ohio’s best charter school and a nationally recognized arts learning institution - not to mention, murals, artists, bike culture, live music and entertainment, urban green space, and much more - UpTown is Toledo’s home for creative life and business. 

Enjoy UpTown celebrates an homage to the neighborhood's rich past, and features an exciting evening of light yet inventive hors d’oeuvre, tours of some of UpTown’s most interesting new and established spaces, and a birthday party that will blow your mind. For info, visit  

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