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Our Mission

To organize, direct and coordinate the economic revitalization, development and redevelopment of the UpTown District (bounded by Collingwood Boulevard, Washington Street, Tenth Street, Adams Street) and the surrounding area of Toledo, Ohio;


To foster, promote and implement a long range program to insure the economic development and stability of the area;


To establish and maintain channels of communication with the City of Toledo officials, neighborhood, civic, group leaders, business and professional individuals of the area to foster, stimulate and promote ideas for economic development and/or revitalization of the UpTown District; and to further expand the economic developmemt and redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhoods in Toledo, Ohio.


To advance, encourage and promote the development of the UpTown District, and the areas surrounding said district, in whatever way and by whatever means as shall improve the growth and development of the area;


To purchase, or otherwise acquire, lease as lessee, invest in, hold, use, lease as lessor, encumber, sell, exchange, transfer and dispose of real or personal property of any description or any interest therein;

To borrow money, and issue, sell and pledge its notes, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness, and to secure any of its obligations by mortgage, pledge, or deed of trust or all or any of its property;


To do all and everything necessary, suitable and proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or attainment of any of the objectives herein set forth, and to engage in any lawful act or duty for which a non-profit corporation may be formed under the laws of the State of Ohio, Sections 1702.01 through 1702.99 inclusive, of the Ohio Revised Code.


Membership Levels

$25 - Resident


$50 - General


$100 - Small Business (up to 10 employees)


$200 - Medium Business (11-49 employees)


$300 - Large Business (50+ employees)


The UpTown Association is now a member of Toledo Choose Local! UpTown members qualify for a 15% discount on their TCL membership rates.

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